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“Ladies of the Pack”: Werewolves, or What It Means to be Human

There’s Cassandra, who hopes to become an IRS accountant and just wants everyone to get along; Sunny, who used to train assassins but now just wishes for a little furball with fangs; and their hostess, Allegra, who craves revenge for her being mortal.

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Understanding gun culture

I heard a sad story today about a teen who bagged a pileated woodpecker with his varmint rifle. No one knew what it was — “Ain’t seen one before, ain’t seen one since” — but his family praised his marksmanship, and the lad cut off the feet to carry as a trophy or talisman. The […]

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from Walt Disney's 1940

The Tree of Life

To enjoy a tale of Eternity in the context of time, you have to let go of your attachment to narrative.  Much of the heavily advertised new movie The Tree of Life struck me as a fun romp through a new age of computer graphics, something like the abstract expressionism of Fantasia on steroids.

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