Radio, plus audience

The Murphey School Radio Show production went quite well, and I garnered lots of kudos for my “Triangle News Updates” script (read by NPR celeb Frank Stasio and novelist Lee Smith) and sponsor jingles. (I could cheerfully make a living at sponsor jingles, I think.) Here I am with emcee and fellow scribbler Georgeann Eubanks, two exotic birds displaying their plumage. Georgeann served as emcee.

Me and Georgann Eubanks

Paul & Georgeanne

We had a good house–the auditorium holds about 170 souls–and raised over $12,000 for the two charities, Housing for New Hope and Community Home Trust. My writing was much assisted by a new friend, Mark Anderson, a fan of old-time radio newly relocated to our neck of the woods. That’s Mark on the left, hanging out with some of the show’s talent–Frank Stasio to my left and members of the amazing Stella singers.

Murphey School before the show

Hanging with the talent

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