Heart transplant, $10

THE WHISTLER will open on May 17th in Cincinnati at a newly renovated downtown storefront venue to be called (probably) Court Street Speakeasy Theater.  Wow!  I’m trying to keep my role as playwright distinct from my role as co-producer, but things are moving fast and fun, with a call for auditions having already gone out from director Tim Waldrip and co-producer Carol Brammer of Cincy’s Clifton Performance Theater.

It’s a deep space, and we’ll likely take advantage of it to create a wide stage. The building dates back to before Prohibition; during the long dry spell its warren of basements (below the retail floor where we’re building out the theater) was used to hide beer kegs from the law.

The people involved so far are professional, optimistic, and experienced. I hope this new little theater fills right up — 75 seats, maybe? –and stays that way for a six-week run. Then another city, and another. In two or three years, who knows?  This might be the last time tickets will be as cheap as $10.

But there’s a lot to do: carpentry, electrical, repainting, new lights, a full facelift–and that’s before we do stuff specific to this production! Put the date on your calendar if you’d be so kind: Thursday through Sunday for 4-6 weeks beginning May 17th. We’re beginning to gather production funds now, and it’s a great chance for donors to help us change the world. Heart transplant, did I say?  With no immodesty I say that I think our world needs this play. Please help me make it.

You can read more about the play here.

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