Meeting Cincinnati, meeting the world

I’m back in Cincinnati, a city I’m rapidly coming to love, for meetings with The Whistler director Tim Waldrip, with Playhouse in the Park business manager Beth Holmes, with Educational Theater Association executive director Julie Woffington, with cast and production crew members, and I hope with Cincy’s cool arts-central-volunteer-driven ArtsWave group. On Thursday we’ll be auditioning an actor for the crucial and difficult role of Robin, the protagonist’s son, a precocious teen who wants to change the world starting with his parents. We were going to convene the cast at the theater Thursday but somebody suddenly realized it’s the season opener for the Cincinnati Reds! Driving downtown becomes a little dicey–so thanks to the good offices of Carol Brammer of the Clifton Performance Theater, we’ll meet there.  I will, however, see our new theater for the first time this week(!)–the Speakeasy on Race (at 815 Race Street) and I expect to drink a lot of coffee.

While the fundraising campaign has been slow to get off the ground, I’m confident in the arts community and friends, with some of whom I already have confabulations in the works when I return home. Tim has done a fine job reaching out to his own network in Ohio and beyond; we’ll make it.

Meanwhile I’ve submitted the script for consideration in the 2012-2013 season at a small but prominent North Carolina theater. Won’t it be sweet to see it on my home turf one day!

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