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The Suffragist Project

A group of friends at Odyssey Theater has been working on short plays about the woman suffrage movement, to be presented in the form of podcasts beginning March 1st. Being a lover of paradox, I wrote about the anti-suffrage Ida Tarbell, famous muckraking journalist, who in my piece visits her aging pro-suffrage mother prior to […]

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note the eyepatch

Ten-minute plays

At this summer’s 13th annual 10×10 Festival of New Short Plays at the Carrboro Arts Center, I was struck by two things: how good acting and directing can rescue a mediocre script; and how lots of contemporary plays try to be postmodern by being self-referential. Oh look, there’s a playwright onstage trying to crank out […]

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Josh Laymon's photo of an adult pileated.

Understanding gun culture

I heard a sad story today about a teen who bagged a pileated woodpecker with his varmint rifle. No one knew what it was — “Ain’t seen one before, ain’t seen one since” — but his family praised his marksmanship, and the lad cut off the feet to carry as a trophy or talisman. The […]

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