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The first quarto


Our local repertory theater, hight Playmakers, ran Henry IV and Henry V in rotating rep this winter.  They were juicy productions, the moreso since I (and half the audience) had recently seen Henry V on trapeze  [sic] at Burning Coal.  Despite the great resources that this UNC-based production brought to bear, I was really disappointed […]

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Quarto edition

Once More into the Trapeze, Dear Friends

Staging technologies can be integrated so as to seem, if not inevitable, at least natural. I think of the 2004 Danish movie Strings, performed by marionettes, as a particularly moving example.  Well, last weekend I got to see Henry V (on Trapeze) at Burning Coal Theatre in Raleigh, NC. To say that nothing really prepared […]

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an account of the massacre

Consummatum est

In his final speech (1889), Jeff Davis told his audience of Southern college students, Let me beseech you to lay aside all rancor, all bitter sectional feeling, and to take your places in the ranks of those who will bring about a consummation devoutly to be wished–a reunited country. I find this strange and telling. […]

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